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How can I give using Zelle?

​Zelle is an easy and secure way to send your Love Offerings (tithes) and Faith in Action donations to Couples For Christ, Maryland.

Enroll with your mobile banking app

  1. Search the list here for the bank or credit union where you already have a bank account.

  2. Install your mobile banking app if you don't have it yet.

  3. Enroll your mobile number and/or email address with your bank account to start sending and receiving money.

      Example (Setup Zelle in Bank of America Mobile App):







Send money to someone (e.g. Couples For Christ Maryland)

Setup Zelle in Bank of America mobile banking app from the Transfer/Zelle menu.

Select your phone number or email in the Contact Info (you can add and update this later), Choose a Deposit Account, Check the disclosure and click "I Agree".

Verify your account using the security code sent to your mobile phone number via text and click "Continue".

You will see Success message.

Click the Transfer/Zelle menu from you mobile banking app (e.g. Bank of America).

You will be prompted to select a recipient. In the search box, type the phone number or email address of the recipient.

For Couples for Christ, use either of the following:

Phone no: 443-570-5007

Click Send Money to {contact info}.

Enter the amount you want to send, verify the recipient's information enrolled in Zelle (e.g. COUPLES FOR CHRIST METROPOLITAN...), select the source of fund then click Continue.

Enter a message and click Send.

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